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We’re a boutique consulting firm specializing in user experience design and development of mobile software. Our expertise includes all major smartphone platforms, web, TV, Flash, vertical devices, and backend services.

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& Mock-ups

Wireframe specifications define the user experience for a software application. This is the step where ideas and features are organized into a cohesive user interface. Mock-ups specify the graphical look and feel of an application. This is where decisions such as colors, images, textures, and transitions are defined.


Kodak hired Mobileidus to lead a design effort with Motorola for a family of photography-focused mobile phones. We spent one and a half years designing photography features for image capture, review, editing, printing, and sharing. The design challenge included the hardware/software interaction to make a mobile phone replace the need for a digital still camera.

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft hired Mobileidus to redesign their Bing iPhone client. Our solution was a hybrid approach that built on the best of the iPhone and leveraged Microsoft's design direction in products like Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, and Zune.


Mobidia hired us to design and develop an application called My Data Manager to help users track their mobile data usage and avoid bill shock. We first got involved at the concept stage.

In addition to design and development, we helped Mobidia define use cases for their target market, prioritize the application’s feature set, and think through the business model.


TableSafe is building a device for restaurant customers to pay their check. Mobileidus was hired to design the user experience and graphics for the software on this device. The design challenge was to create a user interface that was intuitive for customers from 18 to 80 years old with no training required.


Prototypes bring the user experience design to life at a much lower cost than building a commercial application. Clients often use prototypes to collect feedback from potential customers or build momentum for a concept with decisions makers.


Microsoft asked Mobileidus to redesign the iPhone Bing client and create an on-device prototype for internal testing and demonstrations. We built a high-functioning prototype using real iOS controls for navigating canned content stored on an iPhone or iPad.


For Samsung, we built a prototype system that allows family members to communicate with a dedicated message board, calendar, chore list, and view each others location. The prototype involved building end user apps for Android smartphones and TVs as well as a backend java server.

Junior can see his weekly chores to earn his allowance Using the family message board, the family can discuss what everyone wants for dinner Mom schedules Junior's soccer game on the family calendar When Junior arrives at soccer practice, Mom and Dad are notified


The Mobinnova Beam was designed as a family web appliance with WiFi and 3G access to Internet services and video content. Mobileidus was hired to design a consumer friendly user interface that hid Android from end users. We designed an interface that spanned the entire device, including web widgets, browser customization, an integrated movie service, music player, photo album, games, and settings.

Commercial Art Asset

Commercial art assets are the polished graphics that a developer needs when creating a software application. We work with clients to ensure graphics are provided in the necessary layers, sizes, and formats to create beautiful software.


We were hired by Swype to produce their first reference keyboard in 2009 and continued working for Swype through their acquisition by Nuance in late 2011. Over the course of those three years, we produced all the visual assets for every commercial distribution of Swype. We solved challenging usability issues to optimize text input in over 50 languages. The relationship we had with Swype is a great example of our ability to staff a dedicated team for a long-term project and dynamically scale resources as demand fluctuates.


TableSafe is building a custom device that enables restaurant customers to pay their check electronically at their table. In addition to designing the user experience for this device, Mobileidus provided TableSafe with all the graphical assets to build the actual user interface. Flip through the screens below to see how it works.

Commercial Software

Commercial software includes applications distributed through app stores, web sites available to the public, or software integrated in commercially available devices.

Android Apps

My Data Manager
React Mobile

Swype reinvented the user experience for a touch screen keyboard. Our design work for Swype shipped on over a 100 million smartphones and tablets. More than a dozen Swype licensees including Samsung, LG, Dell, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, and SonyEricsson have shipped design work created by Mobileidus.

iOS Apps

React Mobile
My Data Manager

React Mobile provides a personal safety solution that keeps you connected and secure whenever you feel unsafe. Share your location with trusted contacts and return home safely. Mobileidus designed React Mobile’s mobile app, which started shipping in early 2014.

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Web Apps


Krystallize provides a web service that helps application developers analyze popular cloud services and pick the best option for hosting their application. Mobileidus designed a prototype for this very complicated data visualization. The prototype helped Krystallize pitch their concept to investors and was rolled into their commercial product.

Custom Devices


TableSafe is building a custom device that allows restaurant customers to pay their check electronically at their table. Mobileidus was hired to design the user experience and graphics for the software on this device. The design challenge was to create a user interface that was intuitive for customers from 18 to 80 years old with no training required.


Silicon Valley based Immersion is a pioneer of haptic technology. Immersion hired Mobileidus to build six Android and two iOS sales and marketing applications that showcase haptic user experiences.

React Mobile

Seattle-based start-up React Mobile provides personal safety by allowing friends and family to track a user’s location in real-time and easily contact 911 in an emergency. Mobileidus was hired by React Mobile to design the mobile user interface for the React Mobile Android and iOS applications.


Krystallize helps application developers choose the best service to host a cloud-based application. Mobileidus designed and developed the user interface for a web application that allows Krystallize customers to specify their application requirements and analyze recommendations.


Mobileidus has a process for product definition and design that has been refined over the last 19 years. HTC hired Mobileidus to take their design and product management teams through a proprietary product innovation workshop that focuses on closing the gap between product definition and product design.

Leave Logic

Leave Logic is a Seattle start-up focused on helping expectant mothers plan their maternity leave. We helped Leave Logic’s CEO plan their product offering, design the user experience for their service, and build their web application.

On The Boards

Seattle-based OntheBoards.tv runs a website that delivers full-length, high-quality, contemporary performance films for viewing via TV, desktop, or mobile device. Mobileidus was hired to analyze the version 1.0 website and make architectural recommendations to help OntheBoards.tv grow their business.


Mobileidus was hired by Mobidia to design the user experience and build a new application called My Data Manager that informs end users about their wireless data usage patterns and how their usage tracks with respect to their data plan. The application helps end users avoid bill shock and helps mobile operators reduce customer support calls.

The application is now available on Android with over 100K downloads and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. The iPhone version will be available in the near future. Mobidia previously hired Mobileidus to design the user experience and graphics for a mobile video chat application (similar to FaceTime) on Windows Mobile.


Mobileidus led the product definition and development for KODAK Picture Upload Technology. We’ve also helped Kodak design the user interface and feature set for a line of best-in-class camera phones, one of which is the Motorola Motozine ZN5. Our role was to lead the user interface architecture and invent new camera phone capabilities.

CCS Insight

Based in the United Kingdom, CCS Insight provides market information and analysis on the mobile and wireless sector on a global basis.  Mobileidus researched and authored a deep analysis of Google with a focus on Google’s mobile strategy for CCS Insight.


TableSafe is building a system and device that allows restaurants to present bills to customers electronically. Mobileidus was hired to design the user experience for this new device and produce all the graphics used for the final product.


A Seattle-based start-up, Smart2Learn hired Mobileidus to help define their business and product strategy, service architecture, and design the user experience for a mobile video training service.


Evri is a Vulcan Ventures funded start-up that provides end users with real-time semantic search on millions of topics. Mobileidus designed and built two Android applications for Evri targeting smartphones and tablets.

American International Group

In partnership with Actium Advisors, Mobileidus assisted in the due diligence of UTStarcom’s Personal Communications Division for AIG’s investment banking group.

Seattle Opera

The Seattle Opera had a hypothesis that friend recommendations were the main driver for new customers. In the very early days of social networking, Mobileidus designed and built a Flash-based application, which enabled existing patrons to share their opera experience with friends. The application was available on the opera web site and on kiosks that were set up in the lobby during performances. Results from this application went way beyond expectations.


bit-side (acquired by Nokia) is a software development company located in Berlin, Germany. We assisted bit-side in analyzing the suitability of various open operating systems to build advanced communication scenarios for a major European mobile operator. 


PortalPlayer (acquired by NVIDIA) is an industry leader in audio / video silicon and firmware.  Mobileidus was hired to provide PortalPlayer with product strategy guidance, the details of which are confidential.


Dashwire (acquired by HTC) is a mobile software start-up located in Seattle. Mobileidus was hired to design the user experience for Dashwire’s Symbian and Windows Mobile apps.

Twisted Pair Solutions

Twisted Pair Solutions connects two-way radios with IP networks. Mobileidus provided strategic guidance on bringing Twisted Pair Technology to open operating system devices as well as internal training on IP Multimedia Subsystem.


Mobileidus provided product strategy guidance to help BenQ differentiate their Windows Mobile devices from the competition. The heart of the project was so specify hardware, software, and service combinations that delivered a user-centric value proposition.


London-based MePlease hired Mobileidus to design the user experience of their mobile service across the desktop, iPhone, Android, and feature phones.


Mobileidus was hired to drive product planning and user experience design for a line of Android-based mobile phones and cellular connected Internet devices. One design replaced the standard Android home screen with a social networking centric experience. The other design was a full replacement of the Android user interface with a consumer friendly Internet and entertainment experience optimized for a 10" display to compete with Apple’s iPad.


Silicon Valley based MobileIron provides device management solutions for enterprise organizations to manage smartphones. Mobileidus provided strategic guidance with respect to Windows Mobile and Microsoft.

Open Mobile Terminal Platform

In cooperation with London-based AMF Ventures, Mobileidus provided deep technical analysis of specific capabilities of the Windows Mobile platform as part of a technical due diligence of open operating systems.

Signals Research Group

Mobileidus co-authored an analyst report for Signal Research on the topic of IP Multimedia Subsystem.  


Orative (acquired by Cisco) builds mobile software for the enterprise communication market.  Mobileidus designed the user experience and technical specification for Orative’s Windows Mobile application.


Mobileidus was hired to design and prototype an innovative iPhone and iPad user experience for Bing search results. The results from this project have been rolled into Microsoft’s Bing iPhone app.

In a separate project, Mobileidus analyzed browser-based and native mobile search products from Microsoft and other leading providers of search technology. We provided a competitive analysis that benchmarked Microsoft’s search technologies against other market leaders on the criteria of the user experience, features, and relevancy of results.


Philips Consumer Electronics division manufactures a portfolio of mobile phones and Windows Mobile devices. They hired Mobileidus for strategy guidance to differentiate their future devices with an end-user focused value proposition.


In 2009, Mobileidus designed the reference keyboard layout for Swype’s industry changing text input technology. Over the course of three years, we designed and produced thousands of keyboard digital assets which have shipped in over a 100 million smartphones and tablets from Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Dell, LG, and Pantech.

In addition, Mobileidus was hired to produce a new corporate web site for Swype at www.swype.com.


In cooperation with London-based design consultancy Fjord Ltd., Mobileidus provided strategic guidance and market analysis to help LG design a differentiated user experience for their Android handsets.


We were hired to architect, design, and develop a prototype for Samsung that involves personal computers, TVs, and Android phones. The details of this project are confidential.

CCC Information Services

Mobileidus has delivered multiple projects for CCC including:

  • A prototype application for iPhone and iPad that lets inspectors access vehicle information from the field
  • A Macromedia Flash application that lets end users see the valuation of their vehicle
  • A consumer-facing web service that allows users to find local repair shops, request repair estimates online, schedule a repair appointment, and monitor the repair progress.

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